Information for probate courts, agents charged with bona fide estates, lawyers and attorneys.

Do you want help with a bona fide estate? I can help trace the heirs to an estate.

I am happy to assist you and carry out research on your behalf.

I can assist in finding heirs in Germany, Europe and elsewhere –

I have many years of professional experience finding heirs, and negotiating both with potential beneficiaries and public authorities. My foreign language skills are essential in my frequent cooperation with international heir-search offices and organization of cross-border document procurement.

Until recently I collaborated with büro aicher genealogie + erbenermittlung in Dietikon (Switzerland); following an internal restructure I now work both on my own cases and in collaboration with the Swiss company Aicher, Nobs und Wieland GmbH.

Do you have an unsolved inheritance case and no time or opportunity to do the research yourself? I am happy to arrange a meeting, in person or virtual, to discuss even the most complex challenge. Grzimek Erbenermittlung will devote the necessary time and attention to your request.